And Back to Fall

The snow came, and the snow went. And here we are back to fall. So, I’m back to another neighbourhood walk and a lot more brown and yellow.


I’m not sure what this plant is but I loved the shape. It looks almost like a cupped hand reaching to receive something.

Orange Jelly

I found this orange jelly mushroom on a random log. I guess the previous weekend’s snow didn’t bother it.

Multiflora Rose

Along the fence behind the old grade school, I found a whole bunch of these tiny berries. The Multiflora Rose, or Seven-sisters rose, is a small white flowering shrub. It’s berries, once they dry out and expose their seeds, are eaten by the local birds and wildlife. It’s a little hard to believe that there is still so much colour and life to be found even once the snow hits.

The Rock

I met Nigel at Claireville Conservation Area today for a walk around the park. We selected the south entrance as our starting point and headed east along the trail. Things are nice and brown again, meaning I have to work a little harder to get that inspiration.

The Rock

I didn’t take many photos here, but I did like this one I took of a rock in a sea of yellow grasses.

The View From Over Here

Nigel and I headed out to Colonel Sam Smith Park today. It was chilly out by the lake, but we hoped we could get a few good photos while we were here.

Yellow Bush on Rocks

I spotted this yellow bush all by itself on the shoreline.  A pretty little pop of colour against the blue ake.

The View From Here

These two ladies were enjoying the view of the city skyline in the distance. Nothing much else was happening at the park. It was that kind of day.

Killing Time at Professors Lake

I dropped my dad off for his appointment, and since I had time to kill until I was to pick him up, I decided to wander the path around Professor’s Lake. I have never taken the trail here, even though I used to run a photo group from their facility. Go figure.

Professors Lake

I tried my best at finding shots that didn’t include all the homes that seem to be everywhere along this lake. I was able to take two shots that were only of the natural environment.

Autumn at the Lake

It was a lovely walk along the trail but a little too urban for my tastes. 

Hiking in Drynan Forest

Nigel and I found a new favourite hike, and it’s in Wellington County. The Drynan Forest trail is located on the west side of Cambridge. This 5-kilometre trail is a loop trail that passes some small lakes with some spectacular views.

Lake in Drynan Forest

Lake in Drynan Forest

The first lake we came across had a couple of lookouts, where we were able to get some shots of the autumn colours. With the stormy-looking clouds, we had some great reflections and soft light. 

Orange Jelly Spot

Orange Jelly Mushroom

Of course, I can’t forget about the little things. This Orange Jelly mushroom also called Witches Butter, can be found year-round, even in very cold temperatures. Apparently, it is edible and also has some medicinal properties. I can’t say I would rush out to try it, but maybe one day, If an experienced forager told me it wouldn’t poison me, I might taste it.

Drynan Trail

The great thing about the Drynan trail is it’s varied. You definitely don’t get bored on this walk, there is always something to see even when there are only trees around you. This particular tree in the distance stood out among its neighbours. I wanted to highlight it when I processed my image, so I darkened the edges and brightened up the tree. 

Coloured Reflections

Coloured Reflections

The final lake we passed at the end of the trail caught my eye. There were lots of colours here, and although the water wasn’t absolutely still, I liked how the reflections blurred slightly.

I was a little sad when the trail brought us back to the car. We will definitely be coming back to hike this one again.